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Our partners can increase revenue and gain deeper business intelligence or insights through real-time analytics.

Our simplified UI provides unparalleled control, optimization, targeting, and reporting capabilities for buying and/or selling spots.

At Lumière, we’re on a mission to give cinemas, audiences & advertisers the best possible pre-film advertising experience whilst achieving optimal outcomes. Our UI can be used for both selling and buying. In short, we have built the commercial bridge and taxonomy to bring online advertising economies to cinemas.
Lumière’s infrastructure and algorithm automatically converts attendees into digital video advertising inventory or ad impressions that can be traded both directly or programmatically. In our view, platform economies will spell a Renaissance for the cinematic ecosystem as a whole.
Lumière widens the trading boundaries by giving cinema networks, sales-houses, brands, agencies or other platforms the ability to access and manage cinematic campaigns locally, regionally or globally.

The combination of quality content, high attention and adtech platform makes PC the perfect tool to reshape the digital media mix and reach cinema audiences at scale. 

Our algorithm is designed to optimize campaigns for supply and demand fluctuations. It may optimize to reach the largest amount of attendees at the lowest achievable cost or if demand is high, increase prices to achieve the highest optimal returns.


Brand safety

Your brand, in the cinema, will be safe sharing spaces with other healthy brands and away from toxic content. Cinemas are safe environments that we have made connected, measurable and auditable.

User immersion

The cinema proposes an experience that begins with an attitude of relaxation and enjoyment for the user. Surround sound + exposure to giant videos and a situation free of alternative devices guarantees a truly immersive experience.

Ad morphology

Differentology Source. Cinematic ads significantly outperform all other video media. Increases in brand awareness (+17%), brand image perceptions (+19%), consideration (+16%) and intention (+23%) are all greatest in cinemas.


Our precise targeting metod are designed to always achieve value for money, helping to drive greater efficiency while matching the ideal ads to target audiences and content. Location, dates, genres, classifications and much more…

Global scale

The Lumière’s ad-stack is designed and built  to manage video ads in sync with theatre halls (for Buyers or Seller). Brands can now reach people on giant screens just like they do today when buying any other online video format.


Movie theaters are politically agnostic environments by nature. And this feature is what allows you to break borders and you can achieve completely global coverage. They are spaces intended absolutely for entertainment.
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